Kathleen F Kelly

We are all born with a sense of art. Its importance in our lives is what determines whether we decide to become an artist or enjoy its beauty. As an artist, passion plays the most important role in achieving our goals. Since visual art is an extension of our brains, the artist and the viewer have the same visual experience, which may be interpreted differently. My aim is to create beauty from the mystery of nature, allow the picture to tell a story and evoke a response from the viewer.

My figurative paintings are achieved in both my studio and en plein aire. When I paint outdoors, the sounds and smell of nature affect the results of the painting. I am drawn to our local New York landscape, but I often use arbitrary or expressionist color to evoke a mood in my painting which may not be seen in the landscape. I do not wish to be influenced by the colors I see, so beginning a painting and returning to my studio to complete it, seems to work best for me.

I like to experiment, not only with different styles but also with different mediums. Like most artists’, I have experimented with many styles in search of my own. My paintings are loosely realistic with expressive brushstrokes and color, which set the mood. Painting abstractly, realistically and somewhere in between, I am a student forever, constantly searching for the “perfect vision”.



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Original Paintings

A Day In the Woods 911 Reaction Behind the Scenes
Creek View First Light Royal Purple
Snowy Night Spring's Golden Surprise Storm's Over
View From Bridge   Yesteryear

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Original Paintings by:  Kathleen Kelly





Golden Doodles